​​specialized in Mastering Plastic Machining and The Fine Art of Acrylics.


 Nothing says high quality like producing a product that you can't see. That is our goal at GCK Plastics. From various types of edge finishing along with bending and shaping we have the skills and experience to call ourselves masters of the art.

​​Plastic ​Fabricating

​​​​​​High Quality Fabrication of All Types of plastics and Machining. 


With a wide range of materials to work with along with the know how, at GCK Plastics we are committed to guiding you through the process of concept all the way to finished product.     

 Machining and Acrylics

​​​​​​​Precision Machining Exceeding Industry Expectations.​ 


At GCK Plastics we are dedicated to provide the highest quality product to meet the requirements of an industry that expects nothing more than absolute perfection


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Plastic Machining

Fabrication and Machining

Manufacturing of acrylics and engineering plastics to customer specifications is one of our core competencies at GCK Plastics. From hand-crafted fabrication to long-run production - we do it all. We can work from pencil drawings to blueprints, producing the desired components ready for shipment.

GCK Plastics can go from prototype to production quickly. We have invested in state-of-the-art equipment for exacting tolerance control in today's zero-defect environment.